20" ErgoUP - Double Leg Rest

The Newly Designed 20 inch ErgoUP for use elevating both legs while sitting in your office chair.

Connects to the post of any single post office chair in order to maintain a perfect ergonomic position for your foot and leg.

(Chair not included.)

How to Install the Leg Rest


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The ErgoUP (20" Model) Double Leg Rest for Office is our most popular item featuring a 2" x 20" Memory Foam cushion for fully supporting both legs in an elevated position from your office chair.  The wide, flat leg rest provides padded comfort and support while keeping the foot & leg elevated at the perfect ergonomic position for your body.  The cushion angle is fully adjustable to provide a safe, comfortable position.

Fully adjustable in height & length. Rotating cushioned pad adjusts perfectly to the user. 

With both feet elevated, the office chair can be adjusted to create a reclining seat to reduce pressure on the spine.

Our new design features wedged edges to help support proper position of the knee and prevent foot from slipping off, while still being low profile for easy on and off access.

Swings to the side or rear of chair when not in use and to make sitting and standing up from your chair simple.

Leg Rest Cover Options

Tweed Black Fabric Luxury Leather Red Herringbone Fabric
Black Fabric faux leather red fabric

  • 2" Standard Foam (High density furniture foam)
  • 2" Memory Foam (For extra comfort)
  • XL Extension  (For people over 6 feet tall or with larger bodies)
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