Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the ErgoUP attach to my seat?

A. While using a conventional office ottoman or a simple stack of books/boxes can work to temporarily elevate your legs, it may lead to increased strain or injury to other areas of the body.

The ErgoUP provides proper elevation of the legs and feet, partly because of the fact it attaches to your chair. Simply resting your foot on a stack of books or a box does not support your knee. This may work to temporarily elevate an injured foot or ankle, but will definitely NOT work for knee injuries. Additionally, long term elevation using this method can lead to knee injuries, as the knee becomes hyper extended without proper support. An unattached ottoman will also slide or roll toward your body when the knee is kept in a proper ergonomic position. Once the ottoman slides closer, the ergonomic position is compromised.  More about this is available on the Our Design page.

Q: How does the ErgoUP attach to my seat?

A. The ErgoUP is fitted with an adjustable velcro strap that attaches around the post of most office seats. Simply slide the sleeve that covers the post of your office seat post and attach the velcro strap.

Q. Will I need any tools to attach the ErgoUP Leg Rest to my seat?

A. NO. The ErgoUP Leg Support easily attaches to office chairs with a velcro strap. No tools or assembly required!

Q. Should I buy the 12", 18" or Curve Model?

A. If you plan to elevate both legs at one time, you should consider the 18" ErgoUP. Smaller body structures can use the 12" ErgoUP to elevate both legs at one time, but it is designed primarily to elevate one leg at a time. The Ergo Curve provides a stabilizing support that keeps the leg from rotating.

Q. Does the ErgoUP work for all Sizes of people?

A. Yes, the ErgoUP is very flexible in fitting many sizes and shapes of bodies as it adjusts in length, height and angle. An XL Coupler is available for those needing the ottoman to be positioned further from the chair.  The XL coupler is recommended for people over 6' in height.  Some people who hold extra weight around their back and buttocks may sit further forward on their seat and therefore may require the XL coupler as well.

Q. The leg rest is loose fitting on my chair, what do I do?

A. This is probable due to the sleeve around the chair cylinder.  Normally the sleeve is made up of three separate tubes that telescope when the chairs height changes.  THE BOTTOM SLEEVE  MUST BE MOVED UP to allow the connector to be connected to the chair cylinder itself.

Q. Can I change the tension on the tilt of the pad so it stays in Adust Tension of ErgoUPplace better?

A. Under the pad are (4) four screws that adjust the tension for the tilt function.  The best amount of tension allows the pad to float when the user changes posture or the adjustment on the leg rest or the chair.  DO NOT LOOSEN THE SCREWS ENOUGH TO ALLOW THE PAD TO MOVE WITHOUT A LEG BEING SUPPORTED.  A philip's head screw driver is required to adjust tension.

Q. Can I get a pad with special fabric or foam?

A.  The simple answer is yes.  Contact us with information about what you want to do.  We may make suggestion about your design.  In most cases we will build exactly what you want.

In many cases its best if you purchase the material you want to use locally so we know exactly what you want. You can fax it or scan and email to

Q. I ordered the wrong support for my needs, now what?

A. This can be resolved by changing the pad alone.  Call us so that we can discuss    and help you to get the correct support.  There will be a charge that is far less than simply replacing the entire unit.  You will be provided a quote for approval prior to shipping anything.

Q. I changed my mind and don't want the leg rest.  What is your return policy?

A. Of course we're sorry to hear that but you're not stuck.  Read all about our RETURN POLICY.

Q. Something is worn out or broken on my leg support, what do I do?

A. Email to tell us what the part is and we'll ship a replacement out to you right away.  Review our WARRANTY to see if your item is covered.  If the item is outside of warranty then we will provide a quote for you to accept prior to shipping.  No picture or return is needed when out of warranty.

If you have a question that you feel should be added to this list then please, let us know.  We'll publish it with the answer for future viewers.  If you would like to be mentioned as the sponsor please provide your name and town with a note "mention me".