Working at your desk all day after a Total Knee Replacement can be challenging.  Elevating and supporting your knee and leg can help relieve pain, increase circulation and aid in healing.  The ErgoUP Leg Rests provide the ONLY perfectly ergonomic solution available!

Leg Support Design

At first glance, some may think it's a strange design to have the leg rest attach to the chair.  In fact, that is the feature that allows it to maintain it's ergonomic position.

Casters are built to roll and when you're trying to stabilize your leg, you don't want the ottoman rolling around.  When a leg support stands alone your chair or your leg support can roll together or away from each other.  Both cause issues with circulation and support of the knee.

The leg rest easily rotates out of the way when not in use or when moving from standing to sitting and getting back up again.

Three different sizes, multiple fabric options and two different foam options (high density or memory foam) allow you to customize your ErgoUP for the ultimate comfort whether you're looking for a long term or recovery term leg support.

Many Options to fit your Needs

Three styles with memory foam or regular foam option as well as fabric, leatherette or genuine leather covers.

ErgoUP 12 Single Leg Rest Office

12" ErgoUP - Single Leg Rest

Double Leg Rest for Office

18" ErgoUP - Double Leg Rest

Leg Rest & Support for Office Chair

Curve ErgoUP Leg Rest

Please take a look around our site to see the many benefits provided by the ErgoUP and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.