How to Elevate Your Legs at Work

Do you need to elevate your legs while you work?   Do you need to elevate your legs in an office chair?

There are some key elements to consider when elevating your leg while sitting.  Are you looking for a solution to elevate your legs while sitting in an office chair?  Office chairs roll, adding difficulty to proper elevation, while maintaining an ergonomic and safe position.

The best way to elevate your feet at your desk is to use the ErgoUP.  The ErgoUP is a totally unique design of stool to elevate leg under desk.  The fact it connects to your chair is the key to maintaining your ergonomic position. A free standing leg rest or office ottoman would allow your seat to roll away from or too close to your leg rest to be ergonomic.

Maintaining the proper distance between the leg rest and office chair keeps circulation healthy, protects knee and hip from extension and pressure.

If you're looking for the best way to elevate your leg at work, look at the line of the ErgoUP Office Leg Rest.