• For Office Seating

    Office Leg Support

    The ErgoUP Leg Support provides a perfect ergonomic design to support one or both legs while sitting.

  • Fully Adjustable Design

    Adjusts to Fit YOU

    Height, distance and angle all adjust to fit your support needs.

  • Universal Leg Support

    Big & Tall Option

    The ErgoUP is easy to adapt to all body sizes and shapes.  Choose the XL option to keep your ergonomic position for larger body types.

  • 3 Models Available

    Three Models To Choose From

    The ErgoUP comes in 3 different styles to meet your needs for elevating one or both legs or if you need a more supportive knee bracing of the ErgoCURVE.

  • $338.00 In Stock

    12 inch ErgoUP for use supporting a single leg. The ErgoUP attaches to the post of your office chair to maintain perfect ergonomic positioning.  (Chair not included.)

    In Stock
  • $353.00 In Stock

    18 inch ErgoUP for use supporting a single or both legs at once. Connects to the post of any office chair in order to maintain a perfect ergonomic position for your foot and leg. (Chair not included.)

    In Stock
  • $353.00 In Stock

    ErgoUP Curve is an ultra supportive leg rest for use supporting a single leg. The cradling support is ideal for knee injuries or post surgery. (Chair not included.)

    In Stock
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Ergonomic Office Leg Support

Quality, Made in the USA!

The ErgoUP product line is very unique and irreplaceable for people with injuries that cause pain and discomfort while sitting in their office seat.  The ErgoUP sets itself apart by attaching to the office chair to maintain perfect ergonomic positioning not offered by any other solution!

Each ErgoUP is handmade from start to finish in our Eugene Oregon facility.  Made in the USA by our family owned and operated business.

Why Use The ErgoUP?

 Recovery From Trauma. Relieve Knee, Foot & Back Pain.
Increase Circulation. Reduce Pressure on Spine. Decrease Fatigue.