Reasons to Use an ErgoUPConditions of Legs

Many people suffer from chronic or occasional pain that could be relieved thru elevating the feet and legs.  Sitting can cause strains on all the systems required to operate properly.  Below we outline a few of the more common reasons people turn to the ErgoUP for relief while working in an office chair.

Circulation Issues

Poor circulation can be caused by many things including vein failure, obesity, clots, PAD, and Pregnancy to name a few.  Elevating your legs and changing the angle of the hips can help blood return to the heart for oxygen.


The lymphatic system works different than your circulatory system and swelling caused my lymphedema in one or both legs combined with sitting all day can cause serious complications.  Elevating your leg can help with proper lymph drainage, reducing swelling.

Injury to Foot, Leg, Knee or Ankle

Elevating your leg with the ErgoUP following surgery or injury can ease the pain, reduce swelling and protect it from further injury.

Sciatica (or other nerve issues)

Elevating your leg(s) can change how your pelvis sits in your chair, sometimes relieving the extreme pain of sciatica. 

Vericose Veins

According to the Mayo Clinic "Exercise, elevating your legs or wearing compression stockings — can help you ease the pain of varicose veins and may prevent them from getting worse."

Please note, we are not physicians.  Please consult your doctor with questions about treating your condition.