Customer Testimonials

See what our customers are saying about the ErgoUP Leg Support.

The product is great adjustable length form seat, Adjustable height and "seat" angle. Everything that should be is metal. It was not terrifically heavy or difficult to attach to my chair. I got it with the memory foam option.
I have disc/spine/nerver problems with my back and blood clots/ PTS in my legs.

Chronic Pain

"This works well for my legs and I can easily roll it around to the side to change positions."

"I really like this thing. I have no idea why these are not a standard item that is made by 87 companies."

I'm 6'4" and its hard to find ergonomic furniture to fit my stature.  I was relieved to find the extra tall option to make this work for me.

Big & Tall Solution

After surgery on my knee I needed to be able to get back to work sooner than my knee was fully healed.  The leg support allowed me to sit comfortably at my desk with my leg elevated.

No more knee problems!

"I can't believe the relief!"

"So glad to have finally found this."

"Made it possible to work after surgery."