ErgoUP 12 Single Leg Rest Office
  • ErgoUP 12 Single Leg Rest Office
  • Single - 12" ErgoUP Leg Support at Desk
  • Single - 12" ErgoUP Leg Support
  • ErgoUP Adjustable Leg Support

12" ErgoUP - Single Leg Rest


12 inch ErgoUP for use elevating your leg at work.

The ErgoUP attaches to the post of your office chair to maintain perfect ergonomic positioning. 

(Chair not included.)

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Best Adjustable Leg Rest for Office Chair

The ErgoUP 12 is the most economical choice.  It has been designed to provide single leg support at or under your office desk. The leg rest cushion provides padded comfort while keeping the foot & leg elevated.

The ErgoUP 12" is used to elevate one leg & foot at your desk. Smaller persons may be able to comfortably support both legs. Fully adjustable in height & length. Rotating cushioned pad adjusts perfectly to the user. 

The Leg Rest swings to the side or rear of chair when not in use and to make sitting and standing up from your chair simple.

Leg Rest Cover Options

Tweed Upholstery Fabric Vinyl Faux Leather Genuine New Zealand Leather
Black Fabric faux leather leather
  • 2" Standard Foam (high density furniture foam)
  • 2" Memory Foam (for that extra comfort)
  • XL Extension (for people over 6 feet in height or with larger body)
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