The ERGOup Provides an Easy way to Elevate your Legs at Work to Increase Circulation

Many conditions require you to elevate your legs. The ERGOup provides comfortable support to the entire leg and increases circulation in the lower extremities. Some of these conditions may include but are not limited to:

    • Knee Injury
    • Bunion Removal
    • Back Pain
    • Vericose Veins
    • Edema
    • Heavy Leg Syndrome
    • Neuromuscular Disorders
    • Trauma
    • Pregnancy
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Diabetes
    • Side Effects of Certain Medications

If you work sitting at a desk or computer for long periods of time, you may need to elevate your feet during your work day. Many spend the majority of their waking day in an office seat. Ther ERGOup not only provides you the means to get support when needed but also to take advantage of this time to take care of your body - All while you work.

Working with your Legs Elevated is More Comfortable

Working in a semi reclined postion or with your feet elevated transfers your weight different, descreases fatigue and increases circulation. All of this leads to increased comfort and therefore increased producivity.

The ERGOup Attaches to your Chair

1) It works with YOUR chair. So no need to buy a new chair. 2) It attaches! This is important for a number of reasons. when your leg is positioned at an ideal ergonomic angle, the leg support would be pulled in closer to your chair if it were a free floating ottoman, taking it out of the ideal position. The ERGOup rotates 360 degrees around your chair, allowing you to swing it to the side or back into the supporting position without over reaching. An ottoman or foot rest that is not attached would not have this benefit. Its easy to get into and out of your seat by simply swiveling the support to one side or the other.