InstructionUser Instructions

The ERGO Up Leg Support will fit nearly any office chair. No tools are needed for installation and it should take only a few minutes. First make sure all the parts are included in the box. The leg support should be completely assembled and should look just like the picture to the right.

Step 1 Preparing the chair

Most office chairs have a telescopic plastic sleeve thatInstruction covers the main chair cylinder. Normally there are three sections. You must slide the bottom section up so that it exposes the chair cylinder. This is where the leg support attaches to the chair.

Step 2 Attaching to the chair

Open the Velcro tie strap, leaving it threaded through the support adapter. Now wrap the strap around the cylinder and through the ā€œDā€ ring. The D-ring is chrome metal component on the strap. When the strap is through the D-ring pull it tight and press the Velcro pieces together. The leg support is now ready to adjust to fit you.

Step 3 Adjusting the leg support


First make sure your chair is adjusted correctly. If you need help with that you can go to this web address for instructions on adjusting your chair.

Now lets adjust your leg support; First, set the distance by moving the back edge of the pad so that it is directly behind your knee. You can make this adjustment by us-ing the horizontal adjustment. The final setting is the height. It is recommended the height set so that the knee is comfortable and does not raise your leg off the seat of the chair. Always follow your doctor or physical therapists recommendations for posture support first.